Reinforcing the value of advice at claim time

Supporting you to make a real difference when it matters most

Supporting clients when they need to make a claim is becoming an increasingly important part of many advice offerings. However, new research from TAL shows that navigating the claims process can be emotionally challenging. 

Insights from advisers about helping their clients through the claims process

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agree helping clients through claims is a key part of their offering.

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would like to be more confident when advising clients during life insurance claims.

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avoid difficult conversations with clients about life insurance claims.

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3 in 5

have felt stressed when dealing with client claims.


Learn more about what other advisers are saying about supporting clients through the claims journey.  


Justin's story

After an unexpected cancer diagnosis in December 2021, Justin, a trusted financial adviser in WA, experienced first-hand what his clients would go through at claim time.

His claims experience with TAL provided him with a unique perspective on just how much trust is placed in advisers during the claims process, highlighting the value of advice.



Enhance the quality of your client conversations at claim time

The insights we’ve received through customer research have shown that advisers who demonstrate empathy, facilitate outstanding communication and foster more than just a transactional relationship will enhance the quality of their client relationships. 

The TAL Risk Academy has a variety of free, on-demand courses specifically designed to help you be more comfortable with having difficult claims conversations. 

Supporting Grieving Clients
Adviser supporting client grieving
What's the best way to talk to a client or their family when they're going through a traumatic event? Develop the skills you'll need to handle difficult conversations with sensitivity and professionalism when your clients need you the most.


Working Empathically
Adviser talking with clients in office
Explore how you can enhance your empathy skills to genuinely engage with your clients. This course will also help you build resilience, encourage open-mindedness and self-care so you can continue to provide quality support to your clients.



Resources to support you at claim time

To help you feel more confident and be better equipped to navigate challenging conversations with your clients who need to claim, we have created some resources to assist you.

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Claims Brochure
A digital PDF that has information on the claims process, support, and what you need from your clients to process a life insurance claim and outlines the information you need to provide to TAL for your client’s claim.

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Client email
A template you can use in starting difficult conversations with your clients when they need to file a life insurance claim.


Need a hand?

We understand that the claims journey can be a difficult time for you and your clients. Please get in touch with your TAL Business Development Manager if you have any questions.