TAL Health Sense

Up to 15% off your clients’ lump sum premiums*

*Terms and conditions apply.

In Australia, around 32% of disease is linked to factors we can change1: our weight, levels of physical activity and alcohol consumption.

We created TAL Health Sense to empower Australians to take positive steps for their health and enhance their ability to take care of themselves. Whether it’s rewarding them through our simple TAL Health Sense BMI discount, we’re focused on improving your clients’ health and wellbeing, now and into the future.

TAL Health Sense

The TAL Health Sense discount is a simple way to reward your clients for taking care of their health, offering a lifetime premium discount when their BMI falls in the TAL Health Sense range: 19.0 to 28.0 (inclusive).

By bundling products, you can create savings of 5 to 15% (up to 12.5% for smokers), which are automatically applied to your client’s policy. There are no tests or extra application forms to complete.

It’s a quick and simple way to reward healthy habits, for life.


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How TAL Health Sense works for your clients


Confirm your client's BMI is between 19.0 and 28.0 and their smoking status.


A discount will be applied to Life Insurance, TPD or Critical Illness Insurance.

Bundle more products to receive further discounts of up to 15% for non-smokers.

No matter what discount your client receives, it will stay in place for the life of the policy.

Download Download our TAL Health Sense Fact Sheet to find out more here

BMI Calculator

BMI Calculator

Find out if you're eligible for the TAL Health Sense discount. All you need to know is your weight and height

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1 Australian Government Preventative Health Taskforce. Australia: The healthiest country by 2020 – National preventative health strategy. Canberra: Commonwealth of Australia, 2009