Professional Year

Training and support to help you get the right start to your financial advice career

Make a better start on your financial advice journey with TAL Risk Academy’s Professional Year Program. Designed specifically for PY candidates, the program offers wide-ranging and customisable education pathways that will help you understand and achieve all your learning goals.

Whether you’re a Professional Year candidate or mentor, the TAL Risk Academy Professional Year program offers key structured training support to help new advisers get the right start in their career. 

The PY Community offers a virtual series of events that connect Professional Year candidates with industry experts and experienced advisers to gain real-world insights into key advice topics, like advice skills and ethical dilemmas.

TAL Risk Academy also offers four learning programs, created specifically for the Professional Year to help you build your knowledge and gain key skills for the advice industry.

PY Manager – Manage & Track your Professional Year

Our new PY Manager platform makes it easy for candidates, supervisors and licensees to keep track of all the things that make up the Professional Year.

  • Save time with all your PY information in one spot
  • Easily track progress with a complete picture of PY activity
  • Plan and log requirements with full visibility for candidates and supervisors
  • Quick sign off function for supervisors and licensees with total clarity for candidates
  • Key milestone reminders to keep everyone informed

Through one digital hub, you can review and manage your PY requirements, details and achievements. PY Manager means everyone has a clear picture of progress and what’s ahead.

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PY Community – Professional development sessions

Each month, the PY Community presents a series of virtual events to help you learn from industry experts and leading advisers. Gain unique insight into how they reached success in advice or became an expert in our industry, as well as their thoughts on the skills that will help you get the right start in your career.  

Each session is complimentary, runs for an hour and will feature panel discussions and interviews on key topics such as:

  • What makes a successful adviser?
  • Life Insurance adviser skills
  • Ethical dilemmas
  • Super advice skills
  • What can we learn from the complaints AFCA receive?

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Four focused Professional Year learning programs

Specifically designed for Professional Year new entrants, our PY courses offer structured training to help you kick-start your future success.


Risk Advice and Strategy

This program will help you develop the key skills you will need to effectively manage Risk Advice at every stage of the advice process, from navigating research tools right through to managing the claims process.

4 structured training hours



Financial Adviser Exam Preparation

Access TAL’s award-winning Financial Adviser Exam Masterclass; this program provides support across all areas of the exam as well tips for exam preparation and a practice test to help you prepare with confidence.

Up to 6.5 structured training hours



Client conversations

This program will provide you with a clear, practical framework to help you better understand your client’s situation, challenges and aspirations, and be able to position your advice in the most valuable way.

4 structured training hours



Ethical Dilemmas

Get a strong understanding of the Code of Ethics and explore examples of how it integrates into the everyday advice process. This program will allow you develop your own ethical dilemmas to help with your requirements in the Professional Year program.

2 structured training hours