Importance of self-care

In times like these, we tend to focus our concern on loved ones. But focusing on you is also important and should be one of your priorities.

As a financial adviser, you are probably feeling under pressure to stay abreast of the constantly changing circumstances to enable you to help clients make the right financial decisions during this time. And while you’ll no doubt throw yourself into the needs of those around you, it’s more important than ever to also find time for self-care.  

Self-care for financial advisers

There are some basic principles that can be beneficial for everyone, but may be of particular help during this time.

Keep a routine

Working remotely shouldn’t mean that we are always ‘on’ 24/7 and that you should squeeze in work whenever you can. Try to organise your day and treat it like a normal eight-hour workday, so you don’t risk burning out easily.  And don’t forget to set aside some time for mini breaks throughout the day, as you would in the office.

Stay active

As part of your schedule, it can really help to incorporate movement into your day, for example by taking a walk while speaking to clients on the phone. 

Limit negativity

As your clients need you to be informed on the various financial changes occurring during this unprecedented time, it’s easy to overload on news and various government updates, which can increase anxiety. Give yourself breaks from the news and social media, especially before bed.

Take regular breaks

Breaks in your workday are essential to help you destress and reset. Try combining this with the mood-lifting power of sunshine and nature, for example by sitting out on a balcony, or going for a walk. Or, take a moment for mindfulness or meditation.

Staying connected

Social connections play a huge role in our wellbeing, and maintaining them while you’re in isolation is a challenge, but makes a real difference.

Find a form of communication that works best for you. Try a FaceTime meeting with a client over your morning coffee, make a call instead of sending an email or reach out to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while.

Investing in yourself

If taking care of yourself, your loved ones and your clients is all you can manage at the moment, that’s absolutely fine. But if you’re in need of some extra mental stimulation or positive ways to fill your time, try:


Make a daily appointment with yourself to read a book that motivates you, or follow a tutorial in a skill you’d like to master that is completely unrelated to your advice practice.

Home improvement

De-clutter your home, organise your home office, or take on a project that will help you to enjoy your space more while you’re spending so much time there.

Career advancement

Update your website, upskill in new areas such as social media marketing that could help grow your business or work towards a bridging course or graduate diploma that meets the new Education Standard for financial advisers.

Seeking support

Sometimes stress and anxiety can’t be managed with self-care alone. Remember, you’re not in this alone. If you do find yourself struggling with your wellbeing during this time, it’s important to be proactive when it comes to your mental health. Please reach out to one of the following:

AFA and FPA both offer free counselling for advisors via Afacare on 1300 360 364 or FPA Wellbeing. Alternatively, Beyond Blue, or Lifeline can help.

Disclaimer: The health information contained in this document is not a substitute for advice from a qualified medical or other health professional. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any health problem. Always consult your medical practitioner or other health professional in relation to any medical issue or concern, before changing your diet, starting an exercise program, or taking medication or supplements of any kind.

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