Supporting your clients at tax time

With tax time coming up, we want to make it easy for you to access your clients' Income Protection summaries

We will be contacting your clients with information on when and how they can access their Income Protection summaries. Their summaries will be either mailed or emailed out from 14 July to 28 July and will also be available for your clients to download through the myTAL portal.

And, to support conversations with your clients regarding tax time, a copy of their IP Summaries will be available for you to access on the TAL Adviser Centre from 28 July.

Here is how to download a copy of your clients' summaries once logged in to TAC:

  1. Click the Search button at the top-right
  2. Enter a Policy Number or search using the Policy Filter
  3. Select the checkbox/s beside client name
  4. Click the View Policy button, to present the Policy Record page
  5. Click the View Correspondence button to view the correspondence archive


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