Meet the Team: Hien Le, Head of Customer and Adviser Solutions

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Hien Le
Head of Customer and Adviser Solutions

Our Meet the Team series continues as we speak with Hien Le, our Head of Customer and Adviser Solutions, who shares how she views her role as an extension of the expertise provided by advisers to their clients.

What is your role at TAL?

As the Head of Customer and Adviser Solutions, I oversee the TAL, ALSL, and BT Customer Solutions teams, who are dedicated to assisting customers in maintaining their cover and protection. My role is on the brink of exciting expansion as I prepare to extend support to our adviser teams, including the forthcoming Adviser Solutions division. I am thrilled to be part of this evolving journey, poised provide our resources and services to even more advisers.

I am dedicated to driving initiatives that enhance customer satisfaction, whilst helping them keep their valuable cover in-force, as well as supporting advisers in delivering exceptional service and guidance to their clients. By staying on top of evolving customer needs and industry trends, we can proactively adapt and innovate, ensuring that our services remain relevant and impactful.

What is your professional background?

Leading customer facing and contact centre teams has been my passion for almost 18 years. While having worked across several industries in my professional career, I have developed a keen interest in the financial services space, where I have worked for the past 12 years.

Ensuring all stakeholders receive the highest quality experience and outcomes possible is a key objective and priority in most work environments. This is particularly true for my role at TAL, where I am committed to empowering advisers with the tools, resources, and support they need to deliver exceptional service and value to their clients.

What role do you play in helping to support advisers to deliver value for their clients?

In our contact centres, we view our role as an extension of the expertise provided by our adviser partners to their clients.

We work to reinforce the guidance given and encourage our customers to confide in and consult their adviser, so they feel confident they are making informed decisions to meet their individual needs and circumstances.

In my role, I am in the unique position where I understand the challenges faced by both our customers and advisers. By having transparent conversations and being open to feedback, we gain valuable insights into areas that require attention or improvement to better support adviser needs. My role allows me to be the voice of our customers and advisers in every discussion and decision-making forum, and I strive to ensure that their voices are heard and their perspectives are considered in shaping our strategies and initiatives.

What are you most excited about in your role for the coming 12 months?

While there is a significant push towards digitalisation in our industry, I am passionate about exploring how my team can complement these changes and foster stronger partnerships with our advisers. There is no denying digitisation will offer speed and simplicity, but you also need the right team beside you.

Since joining the Retail world last year, I have dedicated the past few months to understanding our strengths and areas for improvement. I actively listen to feedback from my team, our customers, and our advisers to identify opportunities for growth. Looking ahead, I’m excited to shape our long-term strategy for advisers and continue building meaningful relationships within our community.

Tell us something that’s guaranteed to brighten your day?

Without a doubt, my two sons! Recently, we've been enjoying the game "Tapple" together. Despite the game not being specifically designed for or kids (they’re three and seven), their boundless energy, hilarious antics, and imaginative responses never fail to bring a smile to my face and lift my spirits.

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